Planets of the Veil The Maw of New Morleans

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September 1, 2019
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September 4, 2019

“Planets of the Veil The Maw of New Morleans (World Serpent Book 1)” by Lavaistlin Dragganwoolf

In the city of New Morleans…

17 year old Lucatiel Banehurst wakes to learn that her family died in a mysterious fire that consumed her family’s manor. In the hole their deaths left in her heart, an insatiable hunger for fear has filled it. Driven by both the need for survival and the desire for revenge, Lucatiel begins on her own path beyond The Veil.

Mean while…

Colleen Snyder and her ghostly companion Gypsy, learn of a dangerous and new supernatural predator that threatens to throw the balance between the Veiled humans and the local Supernatural Community in chaos. To prove herself to the Vampires, Shifters, and the Voodoo Practitioners that they can rely on her to regulate the balance.

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