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August 6, 2021
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August 11, 2021

“Preferring Socialism Over Democracy: Envisioning Cities Of Societal Harmony & Continual Coexistence” by Jan Frederick SK

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Why are societies filled with much evil? Aren’t we a group of people living together? Yet why do I feel afflicted and alone? Even though I’m in a Democracy, there are scams everywhere. Drugs and prostitution are happening. People are jobless; wages are cheap. Government programs only work for some people. I feel unprotected. I feel vulnerable. My life is on a boat that feels it could sink at any moment. What is wrong with society? Why does everything seem so hard to achieve? Is suicide the only way out?

“HALT! Wait! Don’t take your life. Forgive those who have done wrong towards you, for they know not understanding.”

Listen. My enemy is your enemy. Our enemy is one and the same, the enemy of God. Gain understanding. Gain insight. Know this. Those who have understanding will understand and will learn to forgive. Our enemy is a type of value found in every living being that has a conscience. Eradication is only possible from within the individual. Whether he waters the seed of evil within himself or prevents the seed from growing, is his choice to make. Understanding must first be given to him and then we hope that he makes the right choice. Either that or we bring about a form of Socialism — from the minds of the first Socialist person in the history of mankind.

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