Prey for the April Fool

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October 8, 2019
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October 15, 2019

“Prey for the April Fool: A Complete Stand Alone Novel” by C.N. Ricks 

A Complete Multicultural Novel
This is a multicultural story of mistaken identity. Two twin girls believe they are white until they are grown and married with children. Sara has always felt trapped in a white woman’s body while Cara hates black people.
They are stalked, along with their father, James Burns, by a mad Cleveland Clinic doctor by the name of Bryan Wilder. Dr. Wilder has had a terrible childhood at the hands of an abusive stepfather, leaving wounds too deep to heal. As a young teen, he finds out his real father, James Burns, is his mother’s affluent employer. He is overjoyed and knows he can now enjoy the good life. In fear for her job and security, his mother lies and tells him his father wants nothing to do with him.
As the years go by, his resentment and rage fester and the first of every April, which is his birthday, he lays down his Hippocratic oath and seeks vengeance on the happy family who has shut him out. He uses the alias of his half-brother to pin all of his evil deeds on—which is easy since his father doesn’t know he exists. This causes an irreparable break in a father and son’s relationship and the father spends years chasing the wrong son.
This story takes you on a journey of love and romance, betrayal, seduction, revenge and accumulating in the ability to forgive and depicts the power of everlasting love.

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