Repercussions of Love

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April 19, 2021
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April 30, 2021

“Repercussions of Love” by Nathan Olszewski

“Repercussions of Love” is a collection poems that takes readers through the twists and turns of a toxic relationship. From the moment of the first spark into passion raging unchecked. Emotions swirling, bringing the highest highs while almost simultaneously hitting rock bottom. Connecting with someone who is so damaged and out of control that they can make you doubt your own sanity. They become an addiction, you know they are poison to you, but you can’t stop taking them back time and time again. The poems lead to certain disaster. Like following a run away train, passion, lust, longing and love. After running out of track, depression, anger, betrayal and heart break. When the darkest tunnel all it takes is the pin dot of light to shine through to lead you back to warmth and safety. Through kindness along with a gentle touch we can be brought back to love no matter how impossible that may seem. Like an abused puppy learning to trust and feel like you deserve kindness again is slow, but it is almost magical. It is a journey taken by many, unfortunately some never make it back. The ones who do never are the same and without a doubt appreciate the true connection of one who loves them.

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