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February 6, 2019
The Old Man
February 8, 2019

“Ruthless: Money Power Respect” by Cateyes…purrr

This novel is nonstop drama and action as Street does what it takes to be king with his brothers Ardy and Andy his partners in crime and a hood of hustlers backing him. He proves to be “Ruthless” demanding and earning money, power and respect. Finally crown king by the Russian mob he picks his queen the gorgeous Reagan. Whose dad Barrel is the old street king of his time and currently in prison and her mom the still beautiful and hood Priscilla hates Street with passion and warns Reagan he’s a bad guy, but Reagan sees strength, money and power in Street just like her dad making the attraction and desire to be with Street solid. The relationship takes off. Reagan was on top living lavishly and having fun with her BFF Suga who is wild and crazy. Suga gets in some life changing situations from greed and wanting to be on top. Reagan and Street starts a family. Street’s past comes to hunt him, and he looses a partner as well as other hustlers testing his gangster along the way including blackmail, kidnapping and murder; the persistent Priscilla plotting against him; family and friends become enemies and deaths strikes to those that comes for him. All while keeping an, eye on his only competitor Postal Rhonda. She was a force to be reckoned with. Barrel is released from prison. He longs for his old status. Reagan learns she’s got an, older sister named Red from Barrel. They bond as sisters. Red and Street’s best friend Anthony hits it off. They link up and become a couple and soon starts a family but then tragedy strikes changing Red’s life forever. Street’s put to the test. He makes examples outta fools his “Ruthless” ways leaves him on top. He stands strong with Reagan by his side but on a humble gets sent to prison for a probation violation. Barrel steps in for Street thirsty to get his street fame back desiring money, power and respect that he once had to an unsuspecting Street.

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