Seven NLP Techniques To Break Any Bad Habit

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October 27, 2021
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November 1, 2021

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“Seven NLP Techniques To Break Any Bad Habit: Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming To Take Control Of Your Bad Habits” by Stanley Thompson

In 7 NLP Techniques to Break Any Bad Habit, you will discover:

* The proven and tested psychological approach to transforming your habits once and for all
* The exact language you need to use to influence your thoughts, let go of negative feelings, and create a positive future
* The necessary self-assessment questions you need to answer to get to know your negative patterns and true values
* Step-by-step instructions to the one technique that has been proven to break bad habits permanently (see chapter 3)
* True-to-life examples to understand how mindset, beliefs, and language work in everyday situations
* Simple strategies to remove triggers, achieve success, and witness massive shifts in your personal and professional life
* Practical exercises to help you change your attitude, reframe your mindset, and break habit patterns

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