Sleep Like a Lion

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February 18, 2019
I Was Stalked By My Own Man
February 19, 2019

“Sleep Like a Lion: A Data-Based Approach to Snoozing Like a King” by Paul French

Life is getting more competitive. You need a self-developed superpower and this book shows you the way. 

A wake-up call as finely concentrated as a line of pure cocaine, this is your guide to enhancing your intelligence, hormones, immunity, athletic performance and powers of persuasion.

The average American sleeps approximately six and a half hours a night. A generation ago it was eight, down from ten in the early 20th Century. But the amount of sleep we’re getting is only part of the puzzle. Discover how to organize your day to generate elite levels of quality sleep, giving you the rare ability to maintain it while those around you are left fumbling in the dark.

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