Stop Your F#cking Whining

June 16, 2019
Summary: Unfreedom of the Press by Mark R Levin
June 17, 2019

“Stop Your F#cking Whining” by Kevin Jiggetts

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Inevitably, within every life, there will be times when you get knocked on your ass. It’s a fact and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll get off that newly bruised butt, stop the whining and complaining, and deal with it. This is a life saving, heavy handed, in your face approach to Self Development because some people need a kick in the ass. Written by a Decorated United States Marine Combat Veteran, this “no holds barred” approach to self-development is not the usual soft handed self-help book. By putting a mirror to the faces of whiners and complainers, the author hopes that they might see and boldly face the convenient lies they’ve hid behind that have held them back for too long. This uncut and often entertaining, boot camp approach is based on real life experience and observations. It is an effort to inspire all (or at least one) to greatness.

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