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July 27, 2022
Transforming Your Life Volume V
September 12, 2022

“SUPP UP. No Bull Workouts For Better Sex” by Sol Rego & Tamara Newton

Laziness leads to poor sex – life’s too short for poor sex. Sex and exercise are intrinsically linked, because sex is exercise. But like a pro athlete, you still need hybrid fundamentals to have mind-blowing sex.

From the SUPP UP. Nutrition and Fitness series, SUPP UP. No Bull Workouts for Better Sex gives a no-nonsense approach and is packed with Whys and Hows to enhance your sex life.
Designed for everyone (dominant or submissive), it covers:

– The overlooked link between sex and workouts
– Over 15 athletic sex positions you’ve probably never tried (including illustrations)
– Exercises to revitalize your sex life
– The combined benefits of sex and workouts overall

The SUPP UP. guides are available to anyone looking to create a better, healthier body and lifestyle for themselves. Stop doing guesswork, start making the necessities of your life easier.

Get your copy now.

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