An Agent for Fallon
February 15, 2020
Hiding Salvation
February 20, 2020

“Teaching is Murder” by Monique Bird

Claire loves the life she has in Fairview, Colorado. She just purchased a home and is in her fifth year teaching seventh-grade science. But Fairview isn’t as tranquil as it seems. On her nightly jog, Claire follows a stray kitten into an empty home and stumbles across a murdered jewelry thief. To make matters worse, the next day, she gets a cryptic email from a former student.

The more Claire tries to contact her old student, the more dangerous her life becomes. Now someone is after her and the missing jewels. As the killer’s attacks escalate, Claire decides to take matters into her own hands. With an old friend who’s now a detective and his handsome older brother, they pursue the murderer. Claire has a plan. It isn’t perfect, but anything is better than becoming the next victim.

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