The Bounty Hunter

Seeds of the Dead
July 22, 2020
Men Of Steel
July 26, 2020

The Bounty Hunter” by P.R. Garcia


On Proxima Prime, the Bounty Hunter, BiiJun, lays dying in a pool of blood. While pursuing a bounty, he makes the fatal mistake of not remaining focused on his surroundings. The result is a violent attack by a fanged bear.

He knew better. Trained in the hunting techniques of the Huntsmen, he knew the importance of remaining vigilant. Yet he let a stranger distract him. Why? Who was she? For close to a hundred years, the Huntsmen’s armor has kept him alive. Today, only a stranger can.

A fanged bear killed Li-ara’s husband. Now, a stranger lays at her feet, another victim of a vicious bear attack. His armor identifies him as a Huntsman Bounty Hunter, but the metal did not protect him. With the amount of blood drenching the ground, he’s dying. No, not this time. She couldn’t save her husband, but she will rescue this one. The ferocious beast will not claim another victim, not a long as she lives. A howl drifting across the wind tells her a pack of wild canines has caught the smell of blood and possible death. They are coming for him.

BiiJun fights to live while the hungry canines outside search for a way into the cabin. Too weak to defend himself, he must rely on the stranger. Together, they battle the wild dogs. Somewhere, amid their struggle, BiiJun finds something he did not anticipate – the possibility of a different life; one without hunting, one without the armor and helmet. Could it be possible?

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