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June 9, 2022
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June 20, 2022

“The Call From Home” by Anthony Torres

‘The Call From Home’ is an autobiographical self-help book and spiritual manual written by teacher and professional healing arts practitioner, Anthony Torres. ‘The Call From Home’ is book about triumph and spiritual initiation through trial by fire. It details a path traversed through otherworldly darkness, eventually leading to awakening, healing and atoning for the past, and the experience of the Love from God.

While reading ‘The Call from Home,’ the reader will gain insights into:

  • The challenges of being born to a single, drug-addicted mother
  • Overcoming drug addiction, felony drug trafficking convictions, limiting beliefs, fears, uncertainties, and self-doubts
  • The reality of astral entities
  • Spiritual rebirth of Self
  • Renunciation – leaving behind the world to learn the process of awakening and Self-realization
  • The challenges of integrating spiritual growth with the material world
  • Becoming a success against the inertia of past failures and challenges
  • The reality of Angels – firsthand accounts of interventions – and how Angels can guide us and help us heal
  • The Love that The Creator of All holds for us all

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