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December 20, 2019
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December 23, 2019

“The Change Code: A Practical Guide to Making a Difference in a Polarized World” by Monica Bourgeau

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You have big dreams and yearn to live a purposeful life, but it’s hard to stay inspired in today’s polarized world. The headlines make you want to dive under the covers and the discord threatens your faith in humanity. Climate change, immigration, healthcare, addiction—how are we supposed to address the world’s biggest problems when we can’t even talk to each other?

In this turbulent time, there is hope. All this fear, blame, disconnection, powerlessness, and polarization are actually signals that we’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness.

You know you want to make a difference, but what to do? Lighting a candle or commenting on Facebook isn’t going to cut it.

The Change Code is the roadmap for this new world, showing what’s possible.As you will learn in this book, you are capable of far more than you realize.When you read The Change Code, you’ll:
•predict (more accurately) what changes will happen next,
•have tools to improve your life and the lives of others, radically,
•discover your own developmental path and purpose,
•create a clear, focused vision for your future and the world,
•find inspiring ways to serve that actually make a difference,
•better understand and be able to communicate with others, integrate the best parts of their ideas with your own, and develop bold new solutions,
•become an Agent for Change to help shift our world from breakdown to breakthrough

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