The Dove Tree

Life: A Book of Poems
June 7, 2020
June 11, 2020

The Dove Tree” by Deborah Love

Tilla is fascinated by the natural world and has a chance encounter which captivates her completely. She is single minded in exploring further, but will it bring her what she hopes for?
With her helpers, she seeks a rare, elusive creature which has a compelling and cryptic reputation. She spends an overwhelming year discovering places, people and truths that are beyond her full comprehension.
In an adventure through treacherous mountains and ruined cities, she hears the call of responsibility and searches for her own answers.
Tilla’s quest brings to light the heart-stopping realisation that she has uncovered something far more significant than she could ever have dreamt of.
Learning of her own flashes of brilliance and flaws, how can she remedy her errors of judgment and her make new-born knowledge count?

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