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May 31, 2019
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June 2, 2019

“The Good Parent Workbook: Proven Parenting Tips to Prevent and Address Anxiety in Children” by Lori Olson

Highly Effective Parenting Framework for Change
Plus 3 Guided Imagery Audio Recordings to Boost Parenting

The Good Parent Workbook presents a stage-of-development approach to parenting. It is for parents, health practitioners, teachers and others who care for and love children.

The workbook includes links to 3 audio guided imagery sessions. These recordings are geared toward boosting boundary setting skills, making positive life changes and busting anxiety. The sessions are designed to help parents overcome some common obstacles that may interfere with parenting effectively.

Guided imagery is a very valuable tool for creating positive change. More than 3 decades of neuroplasticity research show that human brains change in response to imaginings and experience.
The workbook help parents guide children so they can build impulse control; become emotionally well adjusted; develop self-discipline; become trustworthy, responsible citizens and become competent and flexible problem-solvers. The framework is effective for eliminating power struggles and oppositional behaviors.

The workbook and guided imagery package creates a powerful formula for family closeness and positive change.

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