The Last Call to the Human Race
December 24, 2020
December 31, 2020

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“The Inkspot Mystery: Amazing Mystery and Fantasy Story for Children” by Mebarki Imene

You sometimes find inkspots in the book you’re reading, or one letter too many or too few or out of place. It’s odd, right?

Ryna lives in a book, and one day, while searching for her lost story, she finds some inkspots. She’d always thought they were simple printing errors, but knowing how the world teems with mysteries and enigmas, she sets out to solve this one. This leads to new mysteries and the quest of a lifetime. Along the way, Ryna meets astounding new books, majestic flowers, puzzling people and animals and ideas…

Will she discover the true meaning of the inkspots? Will she find her lost story and a new home?

★ Oh, one last thing – please caress this book a little before you open it, to avoid surprising it. Unless you want it to surprise you! ★

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