Angel of Death
January 13, 2020
They Think I Killed Her
January 17, 2020

“The Land Of KA-AN: The Prophesy” by Cagatay Gulec

A new fantasy adventure series, “The Land of KA-AN”
Do you want to go to a land that you’ve never heard of before, and meet epic creatures?

Throughout the course of human history, legends have played an extremely important role. Although their importance has diminished due to the development of technology and science, there are some legends that continue to maintain their mystery even in our day. Many people continue to believe in some legends despite there being no evidence in the face of signs, traces, and developing technology. In fact, such is the case that, despite the lack of proof, some great legends have stopped being simply legends and books have been written on them and serious commentaries have been made as though they were actually real.

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