April 24, 2020
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May 13, 2020

“The Modern Healthcare Professional: 8 hours a week to a more fulfilled and flexible life” by Dr Uche Aniagwu

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In his journey, Dr. Uche discovered a powerful truth. As healthcare professionals, we have been blinkered in our understanding of how commercially valuable our expertise is and just how many options we do have without abandoning our knowledge and skill.

Join the movement and embark on a journey of transformation and discovery – you have every tool you need now to create these three pillars:
• Multiple passive revenue streams
• Greater career flexibility
• Become time rich

The Modern Healthcare Professional was written to equip healthcare professionals to achieve their career aspirations in an enjoyable way and with only 8 hours per week!

The book details the six-step process used by Dr. Uche himself, that saw him triple his income and cut his working hours by two thirds in just a single year. By using these replicable steps, healthcare professionals can apply the same strategy to their own careers and expect to see the same changes. By following this process you will understand:

• How celebrity healthcare professionals have navigated away from the status quo in order to have a more fulfilled career
• Turning your knowledge into a product and service that can generate you up to 6 additional income streams
• How to leverage your expert status to create networks that will present unorthodox career opportunities
• Why becoming time rich is the key to a better quality of life and what it takes to achieve it

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