The Other Side of Fear

Hattie Vavaseur
April 14, 2021
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April 19, 2021

“The Other Side of Fear: A Backpacker’s Memoir” by Jenni Reavis

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After surviving a kidnapping and rape, academic and entrepreneur Jenni Reavis packed one suitcase and left everything behind to embark on a three-year radical journey of backpacking, where she also finished her master’s degree. Her memories and battles with addiction tried to hold her back, but along the way she was able to make new connections, find healing, stand on her own, and find her own self despite many obstacles.

Jenni’s background includes a long history of connecting with cultures, learning languages, and working as a volunteer interpreter/translator in her hometown of Oklahoma City. Her own story of recovery, background in psychology, and a graduate degree in human relations were the inspiration for this first book in the Unhidden Heroines book series, “The Other Side of Fear: A Backpacker’s Memoir.”

Jenni is currently living the life of her happiest dreams abroad, and her purpose going forward is to connect with others on a global level, engaging in topics about conquering fears and documenting stories about recovery and resilience wherever she travels.

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