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September 29, 2019
Green Mist Singularity
October 4, 2019

“The Secret Life of a Career Wife” by Mariah R. Embry

Career woman Lisa has a life most would envy, yet nothing about her world is as it seems. Even her wife does not know the true nature of her career. Of course, a rift is felt when Lisa’s power grows beyond anything her law firm could offer. Control over the masses comes with her new role in society, yet it is this same control Lisa losses in her home. With a wife who is always cheating, children that are running wild, and a marriage which seems to be slowly disintegrating as more years pass them by, it is a wonder why Lisa puts up with it all?

That is the question, after all, why…

Why does Lisa stay? Why doesn’t she want to let Joyce go? And why is Joyce so hell-bent on believing that Lisa is evil?

In marriage, there are two sides to a story, and now it’s Lisa’s turn to explain hers.

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