The Secrets

Blank: Begin Again
May 17, 2019
Madam Rhino: Troubled Waters
May 19, 2019

“The Secrets: A Mirror Estate Suspense Novelette” by S.L. Fon

Another miserable day in an ordinary life…until now

Dylan is miserable, mourning his mom’s death, and drowning in debts. He has a mysterious key from his mother–supposed to reveal hidden secrets–but he has no idea what or where they are. Until an attorney shows up and turns his life upside down.

He’s invited to meet his grandparent–one he grew up believing dead. Soon after he arrives at the Mirror Estate, he beings hearing voices, seeing visions and feeling watched. As he beings to unravel secrets, his visit turns deadly.

Unlock “The Secrets” now. The suspense novelette is a prequel to the upcoming Mirror Estate series by S.L. Fon.

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