The Vampire’s Secret

The Fool
February 8, 2021
A Study in Victory Red
February 13, 2021

The Vampire’s Secret” by Sierra Storm

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Vampires and long-term relationships don’t mix. At least, that’s what Sol Torres tells herself as she sets off to learn the mysteries behind Midnight Valley. Sol is an assassin, a trained agent who has no problem hunting down her prey. Unfortunately, the man she chose to confide in knows more about this town than she does. And the relationship that she fabricated to get a lead soon becomes more real than she could have ever dreamed. When an old flame reappears centuries after their split, Sol is torn. She could choose to return to the life of luxury she once valued, or she could risk everything for the affection of a single mortal. Fans of Kelly St. Clare, K. F. Breene, Brenda K. Davies, and J. R. Ward will love Sierra Storm’s latest extension to the Midnight Valley Saga, promising mystery, humor, and romance on every page.

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