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June 12, 2020
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June 17, 2020

“The Weave Shop: A Black-Owned Business with an Indian Twist” by Sharmeela Saunderson

| Paperback |

As a woman of color and an immigrant who faced various challenges and rose beyond them to find success with hard work, risk taking, and determination, author Sharmeela Saunderson offers readers a compelling combination of personal memoir, business how-to, and a slice-of-life peek into the world of a thriving inner city business.

Mixing in her business, personal, and spiritual philosophies, The Weave Shop details the myriad challenges she’s faced and how they’ve influenced her on the path she continues to travel. Told not as someone looking back on their accomplishments and basking in their success, but in the unique perspective of a wife, mother, and entrepreneur in the middle of dealing with challenges specific to managing and running the day-to-day operations of an urban salon.

Gripping and honest, Saunderson recounts the hardships, choices, and opportunities that defined her as an Indian girl from a small town in the Netherlands to her path to success in the United States as an immigrant and business owner. Along the way are hard-to-put-down stories inspired by the many bold, colorful, incredible people who have worked for her, what she’s learned, and the wealth of knowledge she’s acquiring along the way.

Welcome to The Weave Shop, A Black-Owned Business with an Indian Twist where all walk-ins are welcome!

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