The Winding Streets Of Kolonaki

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June 26, 2022
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July 2, 2022

“The Winding Streets Of Kolonaki” by Steve Kerr

It is Athens in  the late autumn of 1973 and the sweltering heat of the inner city is replaced by  cool ,overcast days. The Greek dictatorship has slowly started to crumble and In working class Omonia the Papadopoulos family focus on the student protest at the Athens Ploytechnic while the daily buzz of city life continues around them. Uptown under the watchful eye of the goddess Athena, and a world away from Omonia the residents of the affluent district of Kolonaki,as well as those who aspire to live there, go about their lives  as they walk amid its steep, winding streets at the foot of the imposing , Lycabettus Hill. Through the decades that follow we  encounter among them :Effie the cleaner, Yannis the export clerk, Athanasia ; the aristocrat Elethferia, the millionaire, Cathy the teacher, and Takis the café owner. As  the years quickly pass , oblivious to its children ,the ancient city takes on a diverse course and moves in an altogether different direction: a wandering tale of latter day Athens and its peoples.

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