Toxin Fears – Why the Global Warming Truth could kill us all in 50years

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January 18, 2021
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January 26, 2021

Toxin Fears – Why the Global Warming Truth could kill us all in 50years” by Frank Baethe

Discover real Global Warming Truth and Climate Change Facts that make you cringe and surprise you. Highly entertaining. Yell: “Holy sh**!” and then another thriller-like episode draws you in deep…

Shocking, fascinating, new facts that are riveting, compelling and disturbing on many levels. Global Warming Pollution leads to war, it already did, and it is happening again, and we have a lot more to come.

When the truth gets uncomfortable, you know you’re reading the right book. This book is a dystopian thriller that shows you the business and money in our pollution policies that read like a true crime novel.

I truly believe – after all my research – that we may only have about 50 years before our toxic destruction will tear us apart. The Paris Climate Accord is NOT gonna save us. We need more action, better solutions and more money. I will show you where and how to find all of those. This will be the most informative, entertaining and provoking book on Climate Change you will ever read and experience.

Discover what you never heard before, connections you never knew about and see surprising solutions. The first chapter alone will blow you away. Terror attacks and murder suicide wrapped in global warming, while providing the latest truth on our Climate Crisis. Captivating, educational, fantastic to read and it inspires and motivates to take action.

You thought Covid-19 was bad in 2020? Wait until you see what 3 degrees of warming will do to you, your kids, your family, your relationships etc. The things you learn in this book will make Covid-19 look like a vacation in paradise. We’re racing to our own end and the Pentagon is preparing for the worst.

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