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September 17, 2018
September 19, 2018

“Trailer Trash: an ’80s Memoir” by Angie Cavallari 

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Trailer Trash: an 80’s Memoir is Angie Cavallari’s debut novel and is a coming-of-age story that takes readers down the path of memory lane and travels through the fog of ozone-destroying hairsprays, cigarettes and the hormonal haze of coming-of-age. Trailer Trash: an ’80s Memoir is filled with family dysfunction, odd vignettes, and all the good and bad fashion decisions from that decade. 


“Wildly entertaining with vivid characters” This book was a great read…..I laughed at so many aspects of the book. It was a trip down memory lane in so many ways. It flashes you back to an era before cell phones, before the internet, when real life was the focus of our interests. The book is viewed through the eyes of a child whose colorful world of of misfits decorated her life. Well written, the author’s cynical nature shows through her writing……you will thoroughly enjoy this read.~ Aris Cozy

“Love and hate (and family and Palmetto bugs) in the Sunshine State” From the Windy City to the steamy Florida subtropics in a van nicknamed “The Brick” came Angie’s family to seek their fortune in trailer park management. I loved Angie Cavallari’s rollicking tale of her 80s childhood in the Pelican Mobile Home Park. Alternately belly-laughing and wiping away a sympathetic tear, I grew attached to the motley crew of family members and tenants who inhabit Ms. Cavallari’s lovingly crafted pages, hating to see the story end. Like all good authors, she leaves us readers wanting more (and hints that there may indeed be more to come).~ C. Lerner

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