June 12, 2019
The Monster
June 14, 2019

“Triumph In The Midst Of Adversity: What You Must Do & Avoid To Overcome Any Situation” by Kate Iroegbu

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This book is transformational, really inspiring and a must read. It will help many who are experiencing difficult times and can’t see a way out. My book will prove an inspiration to all. They will realize that no matter how difficult their situation may be there is always something they could do to help themselves.I have shown great strength and determination and thousands of readers from age eighteen and above, but mainly between 25years of age to 70years, will derive hope and learn much from my own experiences which led to ultimate triumph over adversity. I have shared some of the difficult situations I encountered, and the key strategies used in handling my adversity. I believe that “Triumph in the midst of adversity” is the solution book many have been waiting for. Applying these strategies will reduce break down in the society and hopefully the high percentage of 92% of the world population who fail to fulfill their potential according to statistics will soon reduce drastically.

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