November 22, 2019
The Diary of Jane
November 24, 2019

“Ultramarine” by akysarne /.).)/

The most savage and most dishonourable book of the history of Lithuanian literature.

I shit over many things in my book: Kaunas City, fucking Šilainiai, musicians, Žalgiris fans, freelancers, myself and other society obedient fucks.

Ultramarine – is a deep blue colour pigment which was originally made by grinding lapis lazuli into a powder. The name comes from the Latin ultramarinus, literally “beyond the sea”
Ultramarine is an idiom that describes all the rubbish that comes over the ‘ocean’. Blue tint of our bloody screens that drains our eyes and slowly castrates our brains. It’s what misleads us from real values and makes us useless trash bags. How many Instagram posts have you to scroll to forget the first one? And how many more it takes to forget that you’re not happy, that your life sucks, and that you are a pile of trash? The pretty lies gazed in a blue tint that drains our eyes and slowly castrates our brains. Pretty lies we are telling the others to impress them and to make them jealous. Pretty lies we are telling ourselves to feel less insubstantial. Scrolling the same old lies first thing in the morning, and every spare second until we believe we are somebody else. Deceived and wallowing in consumerism it’s easy to become sad, alone and depressed. Later murderer, rapist, masochist—Monsters.

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