Under the Sycamore Tree

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February 29, 2020
The Madman
March 3, 2020

Under the Sycamore Tree” by James Keith

A story about the hunger for food, life, and opportunity.

After stealing a loaf of bread, Edward was running to escape when he slammed into Dorothy. In that moment, fate intervened, and a love began that would span the years.

Desperate to make a better life for himself and be a man worthy of Dorothy, Edward takes a job in the mines. When catastrophe strikes, he finds his world in a state of upheaval once more.

But his isn’t the only future at stake. War is looming and the desire to stand for his country is staring Edward in the face. In the midst of battle, surrounded by pain and suffering, it’s his love of Dorothy that keeps him fighting.

Will he find his way back to her, under their favorite sycamore tree? Or will his hunger to be a better man end in tragedy?

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