Water Drumming in the Soul

Manifesting and Mind
February 18, 2021
February 22, 2021

“Water Drumming in the Soul: A Novel of Racy Love in the Heart of Africa” by Eric Madeen

Fall under the spell …“The light, filtered through canopy, had a cathedral glow….Vines, mosses, ferns, and orchids piggybacked on plants and trees, coating trunks with a furry green. A great hornbill, bulbous beaked and rainbow-colored, flapped in high forest, its giant wings wheezing as if prehistoric. Perched, it sang—a low susurrus like a humming …” In this fiery tale set in steamy equatorial Africa, Peace Corps volunteer David Fields is on mission: to build a medical dispensary in a village where spells are cast on enemies and fear of a geek-shaman reigns. David seldom has his bearings – cultural or geographical – and must fight a cocktail of tropical maladies as well as social taboos as he throws himself into work. Until… he meets Assam. Captivated by her water drumming, her playing the stream as a drum, David is drawn to her early on and becomes the hunter captured by the game. And what a rollicking game of love it is – with a tension or excitement between them that never dissipates, … until the haunting end.

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