Western Sadness

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August 14, 2021
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August 22, 2021

“Western Sadness” by Ashley Dymond

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Is the West really the best?

In a world ripe with such liberating opportunity, people do seem rather upset. Why is this? Well, where European, North American, and Oceanic states successfully tend to people’s physiological needs, they equally neglect the psychological well-being of their oh-so privileged citizenries. Truthfully, contemporary Western culture actively functions to perpetuate segregation, social inequality, and an ultimate sense of sadness. Albeit, not in the ways that you might think…

By picking up his latest bestselling work, Ashley Dymond’s readers can expect to explore the genuine stigma surrounding mental health today, to realise the exasperating enigmas of contemporary psychopathology, and to unravel the mysticism of the Western mind.

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