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April 10, 2021
Hattie Vavaseur
April 14, 2021

“WHERE RAINBOWS BEGIN: Seasons of the Journey” by Donald J Brady

Each journey begins at a given place where time and eternity briefly embrace. Every season in life’s great scroll colors our canvas of living gold. I grew up in the wild west days of atomic testing not far from the famed Nevada Test Site and radioactive lore. As a young boy, I often explored a stark yet alluring desert frontier where each bold day brought grand adventure. Early life in a southwestern desert amidst curious critters of every kind, colored those days with marvelous wonder. This is a rich story of discovery as seen through the eyes of a growing boy who later in life became blind. It’s the true story of a mother’s enduring love and the living rainbows that shimmered through soft summer rains and sudden storms. Come with me on a gem lined journey through endearing passages of time and upward rocky climbs, where skyward colors touched the land … to a place where rainbows began.

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