Winning Your Next Car Deal

Trace Letters
February 4, 2023

“Winning Your Next Car Deal: Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Car at the Dealership” by Adam M. Bates

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Have you ever walked away from buying a car knowing that you were stuck in a bad loan?
Do you dread going to the dealership? You are not alone. This ebook will give you the tricks that dealers use that you need to watch out for, plus specific tips so that you can purchase a car and never feel that way again. You may actually cause the dealership to refuse to work with you because you’re taking away too much profit from them – what a concept!

The book will cover what to do before you go to the dealership, what to do and not to do at the dealership, and learn how to negotiate different parts of the deal separately so you can reduce the amount of profit the dealer gets, which in turn lessens the amount of money you have to pay!

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