Year 2059

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February 28, 2021
Tailor-Made for Passion
March 7, 2021

“Year 2059: Transmutation” by Naif Makmi

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Mankind and aliens coexist in a future world. All was well until a catastrophic pandemic burst onto the scene, ravaging the world except for the two cities where the aliens reside. A curious astrobiologist, Phillipa Maxwell, from a small town realized that the novel virus might have extraterrestrial origins. Her brother Danny, who is patient zero has been transformed by the virus, alongside many others, into zombies. Amidst this, another group of aliens made a sinister entry into earth. They were usurpers from a forsaken planet and used the zombies as their soldiers to further their agenda of having the earth become the launchpad for their universal goals. The former aliens, knowing that these sinister ones were responsible for instigating the virus and destroying their former planet, resist and battle them. After a colossal battle with bleak outcomes for the aliens who’d gotten to earth first, Phillipa who was originally caught between the crossfire uses the fate treasure of the universe to reverse the outcome of events and save the day for everyone.

This is the 1st book of the Year 2059 Trilogy.

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