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March 30, 2019
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April 1, 2019

“You’re Wrong About Immigration: An Open Letter to Donald Trump” by David B. Beaver

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Through shocking commentary and rhetoric, government shutdowns, and national emergencies, Donald Trump has made immigration and the building of a wall across America’s southern border the central point of his campaign, and indeed the great American debate on politics. Immigration has been an issue in America throughout history but is perhaps on the mouths and minds of Americans more than ever before. How does immigration impact the U.S economy, what role does it play in crime, terror, and the war on drugs? How has immigration had an effect on the United States throughout history? How has the American government through a history of broken foreign policy initiatives created a refugee crisis right in our own backyard? I discuss these questions and more and provide answers backed by substantial research and history.There is no question that American immigration is broken. Neither Democrats nor Republicans see the whole picture, and neither party has provided common sense solutions and reforms Americans are becoming more desperate for beyond the typical bipartisan bickering that continues to tear this nation apart. Both parties have politicized the immigration issue in America, and Donald Trump is no better. Since none of our leaders have proposed any fixes or reforms that work for all Americans on both sides of this issue, I have laid out reforms of my own. Specifically, I’ve proposed the creation of a system not of “open borders” but of an “open door” policy on immigration, which I will explain fully at the end of this book. Donald Trump is wrong on immigration, and I’ve written this book as a letter directly to him to tell him why. I have disclosed my ideas in this book to the American people to explain what we could do differently.

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