Literature & Fiction

July 15, 2019

The Paranormal Casebook of Jeremiah Thorne

"The Paranormal Casebook of Jeremiah Thorne" by James Barr

| Twitter | If you like ghost stories, then come and meet Jerry Thorne! Three stories from the annals of hapless paranormal investigator, come ghost hunter, Jeremiah Thorne. Aided and abetted by his sassy niece Frankie and their benevolent, rugby playing curate friend Stephen. In this light-hearted supernatural collection, the motley trio deal with a nasty spirit brought to a nurse’s staff accommodation block by a séance. Why is it displaying such agonies? Next, they investigate why security guards at an old manor house can’t last a whole night shift. What is it that lurks within? While the final tale addresses the mystery of the curious little man, who makes a nefarious nightly trip to the cellar of Jerry’s snooty in-laws – what is he hiding? They try not to let their ghost hunting end in disaster but luck isn’t always on their side… Will they actually manage to not mess everything up!?


July 14, 2019

The HBB-Chaos is spinning its threads

"The HBB-Chaos is spinning its threads.: A journey into the mysterious experiences of life" by Thiess Matt-Eron

The USF media called them “reader magnets.” The headline was "Where is my child?" and it dominated the media for weeks. It was written after Geo's kidnapping and it took on a different dimension a short time later, when the investigators in charge realized that they were privately involved. A wave of anxiety spread throughout the USF area, not only among the parents affected but also among other USFlers. The question that remained was: "What if the same thing happened at my birth?”


July 11, 2019

The Side Dude

"The Side Dude: When The Side Guy Falls In Love" by Keith Jones

Malik is his name, a guy born and raised in the state of Mississippi understands and becomes a side piece throughout his adolescent stage of life. He eventually let his feelings get the best of him falling in love with his boss wife. What's the highest mountain will he climbed. Or what're the greatest lengths will he go to get what he wants. Sometimes, being a side dude has its advantages, but then again, sometimes, being a side dude have their share of heartache.


July 10, 2019

The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly

"The Poetic Vibrations of a Matured Butterfly" by Arthur Lee Conway

While standing in the confines of that famed Milwaukeean Police Dept., camera lights flashed from all angles like a premiere of some Stephen King movie; capturing a parade of celebrities on strips of celluloid, as Jeffrey 'The Candy Man' Dahmer requested a Hershey Milk chocolate bar. One officer leaped like a jack-in-the-box to accommodate him; jerking on a silver knob of a seemingly smiling vending machine, as a piece of candy wrapped in glossy brown paper hit down with a thud, like a body in a state of rigor mortis being dropped on a hot tin roof...