Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

August 12, 2019


"Vanished" by Cynthia Fridsma

| Website | Facebook | YouTube | Rose Gibbon’s husband has been missing for two years. Devastated, she sells her home. The next day, local authorities investigate an abandoned car at the intersection of Westland Avenue and Hemenway Street in Boston. All the blood recedes from her face; she knows it’s her husband’s car! Meanwhile, Medical Examiner Natalie Principal arrives at the crime scene to inspect a charred body behind the wheel. The victim falls apart when she touches it. Since the car doesn’t show traces of fire, Natalie’s afraid the victim was exposed to a deadly dose of radiation. She informs the ATU—Anti Terrorism Unit—about a possible terrorist threat of a dirty bomb. As the investigation continues, digital footprints are erased, and people vanish into thin air . . . a deadly race to save Natalie’s friends is about to begin.


August 1, 2019

Virtual Heaven, redux

"Virtual Heaven, redux" by Taylor Kole

Why live, when dying brings you straight to heaven? The mysterious tech firm Broumgard pioneers a new form of virtual reality that mirrors, even exceeds, real life. Before long, people are dying to escape their humdrum lives for the virtual ecstasy of the Lobby. Literally.When the world discovers that dying while connected to the Lobby might mean an eternity in virtual heaven, people are willing to do anything to get inside.Alex Cutler is the only one who can stop the madness he helped create, unless the world is too far astray?


July 28, 2019

Good Little Savage Wife

"Good Little Savage Wife: Blog Stories" by Norma Buckingham

This wife has had enough of the bullshit people in her life keep causing. Why haven't they learned that family will be here when no one else will? Even so, nobody else better step in creating problems or she will do what she does best.... MAKE THEM REGRET IT! Join the savage wife as she takes you on the path of no return.


July 25, 2019

ARKHEN FALLING: Dawn of Darkness

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"ARKHEN FALLING: Dawn of Darkness"by Kran Sanon 

"If you like GAME OF THRONES or THE LORD OF THE RINGS then you will love this one." - RG STARK A gripping, chilling and atmospheric tale of obsession, betrayal, jealousy, love and sacrifice set during a time long forgotten to men. This was supposed to be the age of men but the deadly beings of the Necros have evolved to be way more magically powerful for men to defeat. To combat this mismatch of power, the Arkhenians were created from both men and dragons to bring an end to the tyrannical empire of the Necros. Things though do not always occur how it is supposed to as great power only attracts greed and selfish ambitions. The Arkhen King Cullen Rutherford eventually understands this and cuts his race off from the realms of men. Now as time has passed, the Necros only live in myths with only rare dragon sightings but there is something growing in the darkness. When the leader of the realms of men is ambushed and killed by a strange race of creatures looking exactly like the Necros, Cullen will need to break his vow and return to the realms of men to solve this mystery and stop the Necros if they have really returned. Will he find out if the Necros have really returned and if so then will he be able to defeat them? Or will he become the next victim on their list?