Action & Adventure

June 10, 2019

Sorrow Patch

"Sorrow Patch: A tale of triumph against adversity" by Zion Blue

In a land far away long before your time now, life was peaceful in the village of Dwerry. Patch had lived there all his life, in a blissful happiness. Recently, Patch has started to have terrible dreams and is convinced he is being contacted by a supernatural force which is trying to warn him about something terrible. In the south lands beyond Dwerry, King Lucent sets his sights on something he wants from the village and expects to have it whatever the costs. Soldiers, warriors reborn and the fearsome Sorrow Man - Sorrow Patch is a tale that will leave you shocked, saddened and hungry for more.


May 30, 2019

Wicked Girl

"Wicked Girl: Psychological Crime Thriller" by  I. V. Olokita

"Even if a dog goes mad, it will always be a dog." So said a small white sign hung on a wall in Birmingham Mental Institution Ward number 3. It had a black frame, written in a hand they were all well acquainted with. The letters had faded over time. In the end, among all the calligraphy in the frame, one could detect a blurred signature. It was mine. John Wilcox is a young idler who loathes people except for young women. His destiny brought him near Birmingham Mental Institution during an earthquake. At that time Wilcox saves Elsie, an eccentric, half-deranged teenager. John pulls out every manipulation at his disposal to convince her that he is the right person to help her recover. Grey, Alessi's father, goes on a quest for his lost daughter. She, too, like her mother, was trying to escape him. And so, began the tragic story between prey, and it's supposed predator.


April 19, 2019


"Transition" by Ethan Arkwright

A Russian politician and high level Western Oil Executive have been assassinated within minutes of each other. Their murders become inadvertently linked through the everyday work of an oil analyst, Jonathan Marshall. A leak of Jonathan’s work causes consternation at the highest levels of Governments, business and beyond, sparking deployment of assassins and agents to silence the source and prevent the uncovering of global corruption in the oil industry. With his life in danger, Jonathan battles to discover the truth and stay alive…


April 8, 2019

The Wind in the Willows

"The Wind in the Willows" by  Kenneth Grahame

A wonderful story about individuality, friendship, nature, and life. Mole, Ratty, Badger, and Toad are a pure delight through their numerous escapades involving motorcar envy, messing about in boats, picnic pleasures, and untimely snowstorms. The main characters here are:
  • Toad, a drama queen
  • Water Rat (Ratty), an outdoorsy guy and a bit of a dreamer
  • Mole, a shy/hesitant but loyal friend, enjoying the outside now that he has a friend with whom to do so
  • Badger, the somewhat antisocial patriarch who nevertheless cares for the others