Action & Adventure

September 3, 2019

Planets of the Veil The Maw of New Morleans

“Planets of the Veil The Maw of New Morleans (World Serpent Book 1)” by Lavaistlin Dragganwoolf In the city of New Morleans… 17 year old Lucatiel […]
August 28, 2019

The Swordsman’s Tale

“The Swordsman’s Tale: The Early Years” by Zenodamus M | Website | GoodReads | In late nineteenth-century British India, the Swordsman is recruited and groomed by […]
July 25, 2019

ARKHEN FALLING: Dawn of Darkness

Get Your Copy FREE! For Limited Time! “ARKHEN FALLING: Dawn of Darkness“by Kran Sanon  “If you like GAME OF THRONES or THE LORD OF THE RINGS […]
July 4, 2019

A Matter of Time

“A Matter of Time” by Steven Craig | Book Review | An epic, unique and all around fun time travel adventure unlike any other. An entertaining […]