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July 25, 2019

ARKHEN FALLING: Dawn of Darkness

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"ARKHEN FALLING: Dawn of Darkness"by Kran Sanon 

"If you like GAME OF THRONES or THE LORD OF THE RINGS then you will love this one." - RG STARK A gripping, chilling and atmospheric tale of obsession, betrayal, jealousy, love and sacrifice set during a time long forgotten to men. This was supposed to be the age of men but the deadly beings of the Necros have evolved to be way more magically powerful for men to defeat. To combat this mismatch of power, the Arkhenians were created from both men and dragons to bring an end to the tyrannical empire of the Necros. Things though do not always occur how it is supposed to as great power only attracts greed and selfish ambitions. The Arkhen King Cullen Rutherford eventually understands this and cuts his race off from the realms of men. Now as time has passed, the Necros only live in myths with only rare dragon sightings but there is something growing in the darkness. When the leader of the realms of men is ambushed and killed by a strange race of creatures looking exactly like the Necros, Cullen will need to break his vow and return to the realms of men to solve this mystery and stop the Necros if they have really returned. Will he find out if the Necros have really returned and if so then will he be able to defeat them? Or will he become the next victim on their list?


July 4, 2019

A Matter of Time

"A Matter of Time" by Steven Craig

| Book Review | An epic, unique and all around fun time travel adventure unlike any other. An entertaining read guaranteed to be the best book you’ve read since the last one you finished. Is it science fiction? A drama? Mystery? Romance? Action and adventure? A literary Woodstock? Comedy? All of the above and more? There’s only one way to find out. Give, A Matter of Time a read today and you will not be disappointed! A story so fun and engrossing you will want to travel back in time just to read it again.


June 10, 2019

Sorrow Patch

"Sorrow Patch: A tale of triumph against adversity" by Zion Blue

In a land far away long before your time now, life was peaceful in the village of Dwerry. Patch had lived there all his life, in a blissful happiness. Recently, Patch has started to have terrible dreams and is convinced he is being contacted by a supernatural force which is trying to warn him about something terrible. In the south lands beyond Dwerry, King Lucent sets his sights on something he wants from the village and expects to have it whatever the costs. Soldiers, warriors reborn and the fearsome Sorrow Man - Sorrow Patch is a tale that will leave you shocked, saddened and hungry for more.


May 30, 2019

Wicked Girl

"Wicked Girl: Psychological Crime Thriller" by  I. V. Olokita

"Even if a dog goes mad, it will always be a dog." So said a small white sign hung on a wall in Birmingham Mental Institution Ward number 3. It had a black frame, written in a hand they were all well acquainted with. The letters had faded over time. In the end, among all the calligraphy in the frame, one could detect a blurred signature. It was mine. John Wilcox is a young idler who loathes people except for young women. His destiny brought him near Birmingham Mental Institution during an earthquake. At that time Wilcox saves Elsie, an eccentric, half-deranged teenager. John pulls out every manipulation at his disposal to convince her that he is the right person to help her recover. Grey, Alessi's father, goes on a quest for his lost daughter. She, too, like her mother, was trying to escape him. And so, began the tragic story between prey, and it's supposed predator.