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June 6, 2019

Cocky Kids

"Cocky Kids" by George Goins III

| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Cocky Streetz wrote & published his first kids book "Cocky Kids". The book is a read out loud children book about five sister & brothers with superhero superpowers fighting off the evil huge snowman. The moral of the story is that we are stronger working together rather apart. Also Includes children songs, movies, ryhmes, cartoons plus bob songs 2018 - 2019 This book for kids. Also check out the books to read on tape. My kids love ABC songs , Baby Shark, Pinkfong, nursery & kids songs these are companys and kid videos that inspired me. Thanks for watching and reading.


June 5, 2019

Ephemeris: The Coveter

"Ephemeris: The Coveter" by Caitlin Rattan

Dion, the god prince of Elo, feels he deserves to inherit the throne and receive the Blessing, his ancestors’ powerful relic. However, his father, King Ranu, finds him incompetent. In order to ascend to the throne, Dion must meet conditions placed by his father, else he will remain a prince and be the first heir to be denied the Blessing and the throne. Dion’s situation worsens when Devidra, a demon slayer, and her son, Mashashra, enter his life and win Ranu’s favor. Will Dion comply with his father’s conditions and inherit his ancestors’ relic or will he choose his own destiny?


June 2, 2019

War of the Sock Gnomes

"War of the Sock Gnomes: A Modern Fairy Tale" by E.D. Scott

Closing his eyes and drifting to sleep, Thomas was surprised at having been awoken by a small and mischievous creature. This creature’s mind fixed on stealing a precious gift from his grandmother. Attempting to stop the thief, Thomas would soon find himself in a land beyond his imagination. Trapped and hunted, Thomas must rely on the very creatures that drew him into this magical and dangerous place as his presence turns the world around him to chaos. Embark on a classic hero’s adventure through the Otherworld, as one boy’s journey home alters the course of this mystical realm forever.


May 25, 2019

The Broad Gleaming

"The Broad Gleaming (The Midway books)" by Jack A Rabbit

In this novel we meet Alison Wheaton & Charlie Dunn, a couple who are very much in love. Alison has survived cancer but only just, she came very close to passing away. The story begins shortly after Alison’s brush with death. The couple are taking an extended sabbatical in a small Icelandic town called Husavik. It is a chance for them to reconnect as a couple and for Charlie to finish his second novel. The story is about a couple finding their way back normality; that is until Alison starts to suspect that something is not quite right. ​ What begins as a romance slides into an odd, dreamlike surrealist fantasy that leaves Alison questioning what is either the strangeness of the world, or her loose grip on reality. Alison – who is the type of girl to pull at lose threads – soon realises that this particular loose thread, the one she is intent on pulling in this snowy landscape, could unravel her whole world. Meanwhile, back in Coventry young Jessica Kirkpatrick has finally plucked up the courage to leave her abusive boyfriend. There have been a few odd incidents lately that have slowly woken her up to the reality of her situation, not least of which was when a strange elfin character led her through a crowd, pointed out a book and then disappeared around the autobiography section. That book, was written by Charles Dunn and the story of a man trying to break free of his abusive partner was so familiar to her that it became the push she needed.