June 3, 2019


"HISTORY OF TAMIL NADU: From 1529 A.D. to 1801 A.D." by C. Manoranjithamoni

The history of Tamil̤ Nāḍu from the sixteenth century to the eighteenth is eventful with political developments which had far-reaching consequences. It was a significant period in which non-Tamil̤ rulers ruled the country which ultimately led to the establishment of foreign rule. The period commences with the appointment of the Telugu-speaking Vijayanagar governors in the Madurai, Thañjāvūr and Señji regions. The decline of the Vijayanagar rule led to the rule of the Marāthas in Thañjāvūr and the Mughals in the Carnatic. The invasion of the Tamil̤ country by the Mughal general, Zulfikar Khan, made the Tamil̤ States tributaries of the Mughals and established the rule of the Carnatic Nawabs. This period witnessed the efforts of European powers to establish trade centres. The war of succession between the two dynasties of the Carnatic Nawabs and the wars between the competitive trading countries, the English and the French, had their impact on the native powers which thereby became weakened. By providing military and financial aid to native powers, the British gradually took over their territories and expanded the Madras Presidency. Another notable feature is that the success in getting political power in the Tamil̤ country encouraged the British to acquire political power in North India using their base in the Tamil̤ country as a springboard. Native rulers’ military weakness and tendency to allow foreign powers to interfere in native politics and Muhammad Ali’s total reliance on the English to control his subordinates and meet his financial needs necessitated by his extravagant lifestyle were contributary factors which helped the English, who came as traders, become rulers of the country.In this period, resenting the interference and oppression of the British, the poligars rose against them.


May 1, 2019


"THE KUNOICHI: Woman Ninja Assassin at the Battle of Okehazama" by Rindo Aoi

In Ancient Japan, a land divided by various warring countries, four extraordinary young women have been bred to fight like men. They are Kunoichi, female Ninjas, who, under the disguise of their feminine beauty, have trained as deadly assassins. The leader of this squad is Sakura, a breathtaking beauty who has mastered the art of sword fighting. Two families who control separate countries are preparing for war. One of the leaders, Nobunaga Oda, hires the Kunoichi to help defend his realm. But soon he finds himself falling for Sakura... Unhappily married to a woman he cannot leave for fear of destroying the treaties between their two families, Nobunaga finds himself torn between his love for Sakura and his duty to his family. As the battle intensifies he must try to forget the longing of his heart to defeat a fearsome enemy.


October 24, 2018



| Website | YouTube | Apollo was the most Greek of the ancient deities the Sun God and Archer God was always depicted a youthful deity full of vibrancy and powerful. His spirituality connected the god of light music truth and prophecy with his followers directly via his many Oracle and temple sites across the Greek world. Apollo influenced Greek culture and shaped history though the sacred oracles issued at Delphi, Didyma and Claros inspiring his followers and soldiers who wielded the Pen and Sword inspired by the words issued within the oracles they received guiding the creation of what was to become a shared Greek world.


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September 27, 2018

The House of the Frog

"The House of the Frog" by Robert Adams

Clayton’s biggest fear becomes his realty. He sees his culture fading like autumn leaves falling to the earth with no hope of rejuvenating itself like it does when spring arrives and everything starts its journey all over again. Elizabeth, Clayton’s daughter and mother of Jonathon and Richard, is married to Sakarja Skovdahl, who drinks a lot and frequently beats her. She eventually leaves him and moves in with her parents. Clayton takes on the father role for the boys by teaching them how to fish, speak Tlingit, and sing and dance. When Jonathon goes off to school, Clayton is proud because he knows an education will prove beneficial in addition to his time-honored teachings. Little does he know Jonathan will be punished for speaking the native tongue. When Jonathon returns for the summer to help his grandfather at fish camp, Clayton is surprised when Jonathan no longer has a desire to speak his own language. After explicit orders from his grandfather not to use the motors for fishing, Jonathon uses them anyway. Cedric Moore moves to Dry Bay looking for work. He fights inner demons that haunt him because of his war experiences. Despite his inner battles, Cedric does good deeds and he likes the Tlingit culture and people. After helping one of her sons, he forms a relationship with Elizabeth, who he passionately loves.


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