June 18, 2019

The Zeal of Rosendal

"The Zeal of Rosendal: Discovering Freedom in Norway" by Casey Layne

An introspective and open-minded teacher spends two months living in a cabin (overlooking one of the largest fjord in the world) with nine female teachers. The main character, Freddie, cannot help learning the ropes of his middle-aged mentor, Jerzy, who sticks back flips on skis while maintaining a heroic and stoic reputation among his students. Live the journey as Freddie and two other teachers embark on a seven-day cycling trip across Ireland including multiple sleepless nights in London airports while undertaking sleeping bag nightcaps overlooking that backyard fjord. The Zeal of Rosendal takes the beauty of Norwegian Scandinavia and wraps it into this tight experience amongst misfits, their nerdy yearning for a game of chess, the quest to see just how real the Freedom to Roam Law really is, and of course, the most amazing craving for Norway’s famous brown cheese. We swear it has to be candy. Join the crew and meet these outcasts one by one as they go from estrangement to family as they stumble upon the true Zeal of Rosendal. A true biographical experience.


April 26, 2019

The Burt Reynolds Road Trip

"The Burt Reynolds Road Trip" by K. Lee Moreau

Lucien has it all. He's brilliant, handsome, talented, young, and devastatingly charming. Born with a natural charisma that radiated as bright as his smile, he's one of those types of people that had the whole world at his feet. He has everything going for him and his whole life to look forward to......that's how his story should have been told. But it isn't. Instead, at the age of 22, Lucien was diagnosed with a rare heart disease that would kill him as a young man. Rather than tiptoe around the rest of his years, he chose to live them even harder. Live hard, die fast, leave a good-looking corpse and all that.When he first asked me to join him on this road trip, I declined. No, I raged at the insanity of the idea. Drive across the country when only weeks before he had been lying on an operating table with his chest cut open? I insisted he should be home where I could take care of him, recovering from his surgery. But he persisted, like only he could. And in the end, I gave in and agreed to go with if I could have resisted him. What resulted was a momentous, life-changing experience that I could never have anticipated.


January 10, 2019

Barking Mad

"Barking Mad: Baffled in Britain - Book 1" by  Andi Linn

This book started out as an entertainment diary for my ailing dad and my children when I moved to England with my new British husband. Growing up in a desert in Washington state, the story snowballed into a funny weekly blog, fill with anxiety, laughs and an unwilling, yet enjoyable history lessons. Having struggled with Panic Disorder for 15 years, this is also a tribute to living with it.


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July 22, 2018

Cougars, Cash, and Cocaine

"Cougars, Cash, and Cocaine: A Few Good Rides" by Sean Ward

| Facebook | Instagram | Wild and crazy things happen to me more than most people it seems like (having my seat-belt break on impact and my arm ripped off in an accident, stabbed with my own sword, literally, T-boned by a riding lawnmower, robbed and jumped 22 falsely charged felonies, overdosed in an odd manner, kicked out at 16 over a dime bag worth of weed now I smoke in front of him legally,etc and that's just what happened when a beauty with a redhead fetish snagged me out of a bar... we partied, a road trip ensued. This woman had MONEY, but it turned out the entire point of the road-trip is to get together with Dallas, which to me sounded like a cute stripper's name, turned to be a huge crack dealer in the Tampa Bay area. Huge. Not instature, he was frail... but I've never seen nor imagined that crack would be sold like this; so he presented a book of it. yes, a book. how? well an ounce cookie was each 'page' and it was stored actually quite well in a photo album. They ended up both being avid smokers too... I just had to escape.


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